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Telephonic Coaching is a Viable Alternative

Telephonic Coaching is a Viable Alternative

telephonic coachingIn this day and age where we want to minimize time on the road commuting, telephone coaching is the way to go. Ninety-five (95) percent of one hundred and six (106) subjects involved in a research project (Dulude 2012) confirmed that telephonic coaching is a viable approach to deliver the service.  
Some of the most commonly experienced benefits of working with a coach identified by the participants were;
• increased level of life satisfaction,
• improved confidence,
• positive outlook,
• understanding of self,
• determination,
• momentum, and
• increased courage.

A professional coach will ensure that telephone coaching is effective by the use of active listening, use of silence, and building relationships. There are a number of techniques employed to establish and maintain a connection between coach and client.

Telephonic coaching in particular offers a number of advantages such as:
• People are busy with limited available time. It may appeal to them if they can participate whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.
• Technology exists to make telephone conversations engaging and effective. Look at such programs as tele-commuting (work from home), ehealth, and conference calls.
• Using the telephone is more cost effective. Travel is not required. For groups, no boardroom space needs to be booked.
• Privacy is assured. No one will see the employee enter or leave the coach’s office.

In our busy lives, it is gratifying to know that we have a choice when it comes to a service like coaching. Whether in person or via telephone, the coach and participant can select the method most effective for their needs.

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