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Coach Training

Coach Training

At every stage of their career, coaches seek developmental opportunities to sharpen their skills.   As coaches master the coaching competencies and deepen their awareness of the nuances of masterful coaching, they turn to the International Coach Federation (ICF) for guidance to find high quality training programs. 

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Client Screening for Successful Coaching Engagement

Prospective clients present at all levels of emotional and physical health, as well as levels of resilience. Coaches have a responsibility to identify potential barriers to a client’s success, and negotiate the coaching engagement to address those barriers. 

In ‘Client Screening for Successful Coaching Engagement’, novice and seasoned coaches will learn to locate the prospective client on the Coaching ContinuumTM, and match the coaching approach to support the client’s coaching capacity. This program will help coaches to build skills in setting strong coaching agreements that lead to coaching success.

In collaboration with Jeanne Erikson Ph.D, PCC.BCC, Manon Dulude Ph.D, PCC, BCC has developed ICF-approved continuing education training. This training entitled ‘Client Screening for Successful Coaching Engagement’ is being offered through Impact Coaching Academy. 

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In addition to offering training to coaches, Manon Dulude offers mentoring and coaching supervision services to new and experienced coaches (ACC and PCC level). For more information, call (905)873-9393 or email

Introducing The Coaching Continuum

From Distress to Success: Introducing the Coaching Continuum TM

Clients initiate coaching for a multitude of reasons such as career change, improved life satisfaction, enhanced work-life balance, wellness, team work and collaboration, and elevated work performance. They recognize that there is a need to act to improve their life, and turn to coaching as a resource. 

It is our experience that some of these clients seek coaching as it is more attractive or palatable than counselling and need to be aware that until emotional distress is resolved, they may not benefit fully from coaching. Empirical coaching research supports this conclusion.

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