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manon mediationBlending the principles of alternative conflict resolution and coaching, a coach will support a conversation between two people who desire and need to rebuild their relationship following a misunderstanding or workplace complaint. To explore how we can assist, please contact us at To learn more about our mediation offering, click the link below:

Collaborative Relationship Restoration Services

By blending the principles of alternative conflict resolution and coaching, Collaborative Relationship Restoration Services is a supported conversation between two individuals who desire and need to rebuild their relationship following a misunderstanding or a workplace complaint.

The collaborative relationship restoration process invites the concerned parties to explore each other’s interests, perceptions and assumptions. In doing so, the participants increase their understanding for their counterpart’s positions and the elements in which they are founded. They are also encouraged to look beyond their respective interests and positions to examine those of their workplace colleagues and of the global organization.  As a result, the concerned individuals gain a deeper appreciation of the synergy between their workplace interests’ and their own. 

Participants in this process will complete The Personal Style Indicator (PSI), an online assessment tool which assists in determining the preferred personal communication, behavioral and conflict style of each team member. It will help identify personal orientation and preferences toward people, task, time, stress, and problem solving.  Each participant will be debriefed individually to deepen their understanding of their profile, identify their personal strengths and areas of growth and to develop an appreciation for other communication styles.  

During the debriefing, each party will be challenged to expand their perspective, receive coaching to engage in a collaborative conversation and explore their willingness to create new solutions. 

A conversation between the two concerned parties will be supported by a coach.  The outcome of a collaborative relationship restoration process is the collaborative creation of a new working agreement with a specific set of guiding principles and a framework which is mindful of each other’s communication and behavioural style. 

This process usually takes place over a period of two to three weeks and includes up to 12 hours of coaching time and the assessment tools. To inquire about this program, click here.

For confidential discussion, call Manon Dulude at (905) 873-9393.

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