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Coach Training

Screening For Successful Coaching Engagement

coachableA 4.5 Hour Coaching Course - 4.5 CCE ICF-Approved Webinar

How do you discern the 25% of potential clients who may not be ready for coaching? Take your business to the next level of professionalism and learn how to mobilize a client to become ready for coaching.  Experienced coaches Jeanne Erikson PhD and Manon Dulude PhD are offering a 4.5 hour online workshop to help you identify client 'coachability'. You will practice screening techniques with realistic case studies to prepare you for your next potential client. 

If you have any questions or wish to register, contact Jeanne Erikson at 316-776-2317 or or Manon Dulude at 905-873-9393 or

Coaching vs Counseling - How to Choose?

Since coaching is a more palatable concept than counseling, clients are increasingly seeking coaching as their first line of attack to address their life dissatisfactions. While counseling and coaching are both on the personal development continuum with a similar goal to improve people’s lives, they are starkly different. Coaches, like counselors, are ethically responsible to understand the difference between the two disciplines and draw clear boundaries in their own businesses, as clients likely would best benefit from one service rather than the other.

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