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About Manon

The Story of Forge

forgeForge was founded in 2005. The name Forge emerged out of my love for metaphors. I am fascinated by the idea that change and transformation can occur within people, teams, groups and workplace culture and communities even when they appear to be unmovable. The word “Forge” is rich in meaning. As a verb is implies the action of applying heat to metal to transform it from its rigid and static form to a malleable and “shapable” state.  It is also used to speak of the creation of strong relationships and of movement in a forward direction. As a noun, forge is the location where metallic items are created or repaired.
For all these reasons Forge was the perfect word to describe how I see my work with individuals, teams, groups and communities. As I engage with them through the process of coaching conversations, I see myself as the “forgeron/blacksmith” who slowly transforms ideas, mindsets and perceptions in order to create movement and transformation within people and relationships.
Metal cannot be transformed without heat and people cannot change without emotions. We know that the fire at the forge is a controlled source of energy where the metal is exposed for a specific amount of time before it is reworked. In people, change rarely occurs without emotions. Like the fire at the forge, if these emotions are too strong, they will be damaging rather than mobilizing and transformative.
At Forge Coaching and Consulting, we specialize in working with the emotions and behaviours of individuals, leaders, teams and workplace cultures.  We use the human fire of “emotions” and constructively work with them so they become the positive and powerful source of energy necessary to produce great things.
Whether change needs to occur intra-personally or inter-personally, the light emanating from the fire at the forge allows us to see the challenges we face.  Once the challenges are identified, we respectfully provide a warm space where human emotion and thinking transformation can occur.  

The name Forge was selected because it is used in both French and English. As a bilingual coach, having a brand that resonates with both French and English audiences is crucial to me.

Manon Dulude Ph.D,  PCC, BCC
Life and Executive Coach
Powerful Conversations for Personal Transformation


About Forge Coaching and Consulting

Forge Coaching and Consulting was founded in 2005 by Manon Dulude PhD, PCC, BCC who brings over twenty-five years and extensive experience as a Personal and Professional Leadership and Team Development Coach as well as a seasoned counselor. With the completion of her PhD in 2012, Manon brings a special expertise  in brief solution-focused coaching. Manon has served the following sectors: financial, crown corporation, federal government, scientific research, small and medium enterprises, non-profits and education.

As a coach, Manon is committed to working with individuals, leaders, groups and/or teams, who seek to build trust, overcome communication barriers and enhance performance. She also assists them to increase team commitment and accountability, pay attention to results, and execute change. Her coaching strategies include the use of various assessment tools to increase personal self-awareness and self-knowledge.  

Forge offers a variety of Coaching Services and Workshops to our clients. We also offer ICF approved Training, Mentoring and Supervision to coaches. Our focus is on enhancing personal, professional and organizational lives. Whether you choose to enter into a process of counseling, life coaching, leadership or team coaching, we are confident that your experience will enhance your life satisfaction level.

In collaboration with Jeanne Erikson Ph.D, PCC, BCC, Manon developed a training program for coaches and an online assessment tool to determine coaching capacity in clients. 


  • Ph.D.  in Human Development and Coaching. Dissertation topic: A Study of the Effectiveness of Telephonic Brief Solution-Focused Coaching on Life Satisfaction Measures, International University of Professional Studies, Maui, USA, 2012.
  • Master of Professional Studies in Creativity Development and Art Therapy, Pratt Institute, New York, USA, 1989.
  • Mediation training, Windsor School of Law, Ontario, Canada.

Professional Certification 

  • Certified with Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists, 2005 to present.
  • Certified Professional Coach with International Coach Federation, 2006 to present.
  • Board Certified Coach, Center for Credentialing and Education, 2011 to present.
  • Certified Life Coach with the Institute for Life Coach Training, 2005
  • Certified Career Management Coach- Career Coach Academy, 2006

Other Professional Contributions

Manon is committed to the development of the coaching profession. From 2006 to 2012, she volunteered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an ACC level assessor. In June 2014, she joined the first ICF assessors’ cohort to be trained with the new PCC level credentialing markers. 


For confidential discussion, call Manon Dulude at (905) 873-9393.

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